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Nutritional Live Blood Analysis with Gwen Ward, ND


Appointments are now being scheduled for Thursday, September 14th.
Schedule a Live Blood Cell Analysis today and learn what your blood can tell you about your health! 

Gwen Ward, N.D. will conduct this Nutritional Live Blood Screening. Using only ONE DROP of blood from your fingertip you will see the current state of your health, and determine what vitamins, minerals, and lifestyle changes will work best for you!

"Nutritional Live Blood Cell Analysis" is a unique method of examining a small droplet of blood taken from the fingertip, then placed on the slide, which is is then observed through a high tech phase contrast micro-scope connected to a TV through a special camera. In an instant, a fascinating world of red and white blood cells, plasma, and platelets come to life before your very eyes! These blood components are among various indicators which reveal information on the general wellness and nutritional needs of the individual from which the droplet was obtained. An in-depth, confidential "Health Evaluation Profile" is filled out prior to the blood screening so we may take into effect the whole person, and all of the important aspects of that person's diet and lifestyle, which plays a critical role in their health and well-being. This combination of technology and information produces a very dynamic and exciting method of charting a more direct course to better health. 

This is a truly a "Preventive Alternative" because certain conditions present in your blood in their infant stages can indicate future health problems if not corrected. Action taken now may help prevent more serious complications in the coming years. Why wait until the disease has already occured?

"Live Blood Cell Analysis" is not new, but what is new is the technology that now accompanies this procedure. A high-tech camera is attached to the microscope that allows you to view your blood on the TV screen. We will observe together your living blood cells which will tell an in-depth story of what is currently happening in YOUR body. In addition a Dried Layer procedure will be done that helps us detect past and chronic conditions and degeneration in specific body systems. You will also recive a highlighted report describing your analysis. This report should be kept for return visits for comparison. 

Both Blood Screenings are now available for $80 with a 20-30minute consultation.

Please book your appointment in advance as there a LIMITED NUMBER OF SPACES AVAILABLE. 

Accurate results of your "Nutritional Live Blood Cell Analysis/Screening" require that you not eat atleast 3 hours before your scheduled appointment time. Drink plenty of water!

To schedule an appointment call Second Nature Health Food Store at (610)-683-5020 or visit the shop. A $40 cash deposit is necessary to secure your time slot. First come first serve!

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